We are an independent, non-governmental and non-profit civil society organisation.


Empowered communities in a just, equitable, and inclusive society.


We are focused on promoting and supporting the rights and integration of newcomers and (im)migrants (including international students, temporary foreign workers, and refugees) in British Columbia, Canada and Globally.


Are|nous mandate is ARE Advocacy; Research and Education.

  • Advocacy: To advocate for underrepresented and intersectional newcomers and (im)migrant communities in British Columbia, Canada, and Globally. We aim to create safe and brave spaces for these communities through promoting and creating human rights and rule of law advocacy platforms;

  • Research: To reveal issues that are often hidden in plain sight, but disproportionately impact racialized newcomers and (im)migrant communities through publishing independent and evidence-based reports to better shed light on underexplored issues affecting these communities both here and in global diasporic communities and propose policy recommendation; and

  • Education: To educate, build capacity and empower our target audience within British Columbia, Canada, and Globally on the rule of law and human rights subject matters including (im)migrants and newcomers rights, immigration processes, and integration. We will do so through conducting capacity building training programs, workshops, forums, and public events.